After a long time of working from home, video calls and social distancing, it is time to re-connect again and get together with your team - at a safe distance of course and preferably outside. If one thing has become clear during this crisis, it’s that ‘real-life’ contact is a basic human need. So take a good look at your colleagues again, drop down in the field for an outdoor meeting or re-establish social bonds with one of our other 'team energizers'.

Team energizers – it makes you happy


BK_Logo_zwartopwitt_mettekst.pngVENUE 'BUITEN IN DE KUIL'

buiten in de kuil | Lage Vuursche. In the middle of nature there is a playground you’re never too old for. A place where the season always play a leading role, where everyone feels welcome! We have 2ha of forest here, with an outdoor area around restaurant "buiten in de kuil" – outside in the pit. As soon as you come through the gates you imagine yourself in another world. The buiten-brigade welcomes you with a smile on the large covered terrace, big picknick tables and robust benches, or plop down on our special picnic meadow. At ‘buiten’ there is more than enough space to keep your distance and yet be together again. 

-Centrally located
-Large parking
-Good food and drinks
-Large area with lots of space and possibilities
-Bad-weather facilities - but still outside
-Extra sanitary facilities