An incentive is 'a stimulant to deliver a certain performance'. A gift for sales staff or dealers who achieve their targets, for example. Or an adventurous trip as a reward for employees. We take care of that reward down to the last detail, but we always see it as part of a larger whole. The incentive campaign - actually the journey to the goal - offers many extras. Team building, knowledge sharing, valuable ideas from employees; if you approach it from the right angle you get it for free.

IMG_0862.jpg Unit4 TPC - Buenos Aires
2330.jpg Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles - T-Team
UNIT4 EVENT-91.jpg Unit4 - TPC Vietnam
8457.jpg RES Software - DR workplace

So with an incentive, BINK likes to go one step further. When Unit4 asks us to treat the world's best sellers as Top Performer Club on an unforgettable trip to Vietnam, we give inspiring best practices a place in the campaign. If Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles wants to boost the sale of the new Transporter, we make all participants part of the T-team. That helps each other in a way that Hannibal, Face, Murdock and BA would envy. Extra results even before the suitcases are packed.

IMG_5520.JPG Fujitsu ism Copaco - F1 Valencia