Coming up with an event is not the same as executing an event. When developing the concept you can take the time to check if all objectives are covered, as an event producer you sometimes have to react on the spot and improvise. Thinking in solutions, connecting suppliers from all kinds of disciplines and always keeping an eye on the deadline and budget. And above all: know how to keep the peace. In the most unusual situations. We are happy to do it for you!

Opbouw_Proef Houten.jpg Taste Houten
productiemeeting.jpg Productionmeeting

BINK event managers are regularly deployed to execute an existing or new event, especially if it involves a logistical or time-technical challenge. Such as that one presentation of the Quote 500, when we turned the parking garage under the Museumsquare in Amsterdam into a chic nightclub. Or that other one, when the rich list was unveiled at the Conservatorium Hotel. Which at that moment was actually still the construction site of the hotel-to-be. Stress? Not really. In our team you will also find experienced stagemanagers and event directors that will make you at ease.