A strong brand must be experienced. Because if your target group actually endures, feels, hears or perhaps even tastes what a brand or new product stands for, that memory will last forever. Greater brand awareness, better name recognition or "just" a lot of publicity. "Presence is witness", to be there is to experience... it's is a big thing for brand experience.

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At brand activation events, BINK always tries to communicate the message in every detail. So when Velux introduces a new generation of skylights with unique energy-saving properties, we make that tangible with introduction events on ice rinks, where Wim - The Iceman - Hof, among others, shares tips and experiences. Another example: Volkswagen - proud sponsor of the Olympic Games - wants to introduce a new model 'Up' to the public. We combine two messages in events where fans can win tickets for the Games by cheering on the new 'Up'. Literally "cheer on"; the specially prepared car has no gas pedal but runs on sound. The harder you cheer, the faster you drive. Talk about experience.