A kick-off meeting, a relationship event, a sales event, a staff event, a dealer meeting. Various events that, according to BINK, have a clear similarity: to meet. Employees, dealers or other relations meet for a reason: networking, discussing strategy, celebrating, introducing. To be full of new energy and inspiration when the time comes to get back to work.

When we organise a meeting, the goal is important. So that always has our focus. But ... we think the way we achieve that goal is just as important. So we look for a concept and  implementation that truly motivates and inspires. We aim for a meeting that lingers.

Unit4 Global Kickoff-Off img 2.jpg Unit4 Global Sales Kickoff - Berlin
Unit4 Global Kickoff-Off img 6.jpg Vitens Expeditie
Unit4 Global Kickoff-Off img 1.jpg Sony Dealer Event - 007 Pampus

Whether it is the Unit4 Global Sales Kick Off - more than 500 employees from all over the world who take on their new plans together in Berlin - or the Sony Dealer Event where dealers were even more enthusiastic about the new products in a spectacular James Bond setting at Pampus. It is also possible to exchange knowledge between employees with an original event that triggers something. The Vitens Expedition, a sporting employee event in the middle of nature, is a good example of this.

Unit4 Global Kickoff-Off img 4.jpg PON IT Relations Event