How do you really promote a City? Our idea: with an event that will make everyone happy. A festival, sporting event or other local activity is the perfect city promotion and makes everyone proud of "his" city. Everybody? Yes, because as far as we know, city marketing is not only about a good concept, but also about collaboration. If participants, visitors, residents, companies and the community work together as one team, it can only result in lots of fun.

Smartlappenfestival_Utrecht.JPG Smartlappenfestival Utrecht
Nationale Sportweek_NOC-NSF2.jpg Nationale Sportweek
Grand Depart_Tour de France Utrecht.JPG Grand Depart Tour de France Utrecht

One of the best BINK city marketing events is still the start of the Tour de France in our hometown Utrecht. We were there from the start - with the Nuit de la Tour - to the Grand Depart itself. Talk about collaborating with many parties: contact information of the municipality, IDTV, the organization from France, the organization of the tour version, sponsor PON, Wilde Ganzen charity, stage builders, AV partners and many hospitality entrepreneurs are still locked in our phones. We have also been using the latter for years for the Smartlappenfestival. Something we do, too.