1. Picnic meeting

Drop down in our picnic meadow - take a seat on a tree trunk or slide onto the long picnic bench. No digital support, only a flipchart, notebooks and sticky-notes, and each other of course! In the meantime we serve good coffee, tea, water, fruit juices and some snacks! Finish your meeting with a lunch or bite? Our 4 picnic areas for 10 people are equipped with a canopy against the bright sun or a splash of rain.

Price: € 37.50 pp - (incl. Picnic area, canopy, flipchart, coffee, tea, juices, lunch)

2. Meeting with lunch and/or BBQ

For us a meeting means enjoying the outdoors under a beautiful stretch tent cover - with sufficient distance of course. A source of inspiration, fresh air and the campfire place offers the ideal place to talk about vision, strategy and the next steps. We always finish together with a lunch or BBQ .. Eating outside with your team, it just makes you happy!

Price with lunch: € 35.00 pp - (incl. Terrace, canopy, campfire place, flipchart, coffee, tea, lunch)
Price with BBQ: € 40.00 pp - (incl. Terrace, canopy, campfire place, flipchart, coffee, tea, BBQ)

3. Active meetings

Let’s start with brainstorming together, determining strategy in the fresh air and then also playing outside? Not only an effective interrupter, it is also fun. We have several outdoor games in our package. From kubb to jeu de boules and from You-fo to bubble ball. We close again with lunch, drinks and / or dinner.

Price: € 45.00 pp (excluding lunch / drinks / dinner)


* For the costs of the other drinks, you can opt for a drink package or after costing.
** Cost for exclusivity of the lower terrace: € 300,