1. Building your team

What could be more fun than really building on, and with, your team again? We divide the team into smaller groups. Each group receives a stack of bamboo poles, ropes and elastics and a flag. During 20 minutes each group is given the time to build the highest possible tower. Which flag reaches the highest in the air?

Price: € 15.00 pp - number of people: min 15 - max 40

2. Social distance games

Spend an afternoon playing outside with your team again. Take each other on in 3 games: bubble ball; You-fo; forest basketball. Of course 1.5m proof and with adapted rules ... we conclude with a nice drink and BBQ.

Price: € 25.00 pp - number of people: min 30 - max 40 (excluding food & drinks)

3. Wood camp

Sport is not only healthy, it is also fun – especially outdoors. And that 1.5 meters is easy to guarantee here on the 2.5 ha site in Lage Vuursche, so take part in the obstacle course led by a professional trainer. After some work done, that cold drink is even more deserved.

Price: € 15.00 pp - number of people: min 20 - max 40 (excluding food & drinks)

* All energizers can only be booked at our location Buiten in de Kuil and always in combination with food & drinks